Most computer users usually install free edition or un-registered Anti-virus software. And time to time last Anti-virus update are downloaded from internet. But users not get benefit from this practice. Because un-registered or free edition Anti-virus software can't clean virus & even define the virus properly. Some computer users say, I have no internet connection, so I have no virus in my computer. This is not right. Because virus affects system not only through internet. Virus may be entered from Floppy, Software installation CD, DVD, Flash Drive, External Hard drive or others storage devices in your computer. If you will install registered Anti-virus software in your computer then your computer operating system and files will run safely up to 90%-95%. Macfee, E-trust, E-scan, Kaspersky, AVG, Symantec, Avast, PC-cilin etc. all are well reputed Anti-virus software in the world. But registered copy that means purchased copy Anti-virus software is expensive for small business enterprises, medium business enterprises, home users & student level computer users. It is expensive but if you calculate the expenses in a year for your computer down time, working interruption time or per hour working earning loss from computer related business then result will show you a big loss for your business or profession. So, Anti-virus software is not expensive in real sense. Always think that purchasing of a reputed Anti-virus software is an investment for your business or personal professionalism. This web site is a 100% free windows virus solution, tips & news site, entertainment & others. The main vision of the site is to provide: •  Tips for solution of most problematic virus in our experience •  Top listed virus solution tips getting from our e-mail friends •  Windows related tips from our experience •  Top listed windows related tips getting from our e-mail friends •  Software, Virus, Computer News & Devices related latest news.



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